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“The Horse therapist, my journey with horses.” by Nathalie Durel


Quinta do Cavalo Kiron

The first space in Portugal of Equine Assisted Interventions

Quinta do Cavalo Kiron is the 1st therapeutic space of Equine Assisted Interventions in Portugal. It is an innovative, quiet space where are developed sessions of Psychotherapy & Coaching, where the client is the central element and supported by a human and equine specialist throughout his walk.

We also look at Quinta do Cavalo Kiron to provide training on Equine Assisted Interventions.

The various activities available to the public can be performed individually, as a couple, family, group and for your organization’s team . Contact us for more information.

Equines Assisted Interventions

A structured approach with three pillars: the client, the horse and the therapist


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Retreats, Meditations, Courses with Horses

Quinta do Cavalo Kiron developed various activities so that each person can experience it’s us with magnificent beings who are the horses and accompanied by expert therapists in Equine Therapy, Psychotherapy, Coaching, Mindfulness and many other areas.



Articles about specialized Equines Assisted Interventions

Retreat Quinta do Cavalo Kiron

«The horses are true guides in our existential walk» "It is urgent to return to it's most basic and essential in all of us: the connection to nature." I

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Kiron Method® – Therapies and Coaching Assisted by Equines

Those who live their daily lives with animals do not need any scientific study to find out how the animals have an innate ability to be 'therapists' human

Where we are

The Quinta do Cavalo Kiron is a therapeutic space and as such is not open to the public during the sessions. Will always be welcome in days open to the public and to our activities. Follow us on social networks.