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Therapist Horses

My journey with horses

The earliest evidence on the domestication of horses dates from 4,000 B.C. and for centuries equines have been our faithful partners in warfare, in travel and in agriculture. We can safely declare that they helped us build the modern world. Nowadays, they were replaced by the engines of our vehicles and the only arena where they can shine is the equestrian world.

But what if equines had much more to give us in a little-known area? In the world of therapies, of personal development and of connection between species. Everyone that has had contact with horses claims to have been changed by that contact. However, no one can explain exactly how this happened.

In this book, Nathalie Durel tells us, through her life journey with her horses, how equines can become powerful guides to our transformation. This work takes us into an extraordinary journey throughout the equine world, starting at the beginning of time all the way up to today, explaining with a holistic vision every type of existing therapeutic intervention assisted by these wondrous beings.

It also stresses the debt our civilization has in regard to equines and the importance of changing our way of handling them that should be respectful to their true essence.

Quinta do Cavalo Kiron - Therapist Horses

The Female Recaptured

Preface by Filipa Rasteiro Miles

Through “The Female Recaptured” Nathalie Durel Lima offers us, the women of the twenty-first century, precious tools to deepen our inner journey. With its transpersonal and Jungian perception, Nathalie guide us as a psychotherapist, as well as a woman, through mythology of the Greek Goddesses as archetypes, an unforgettable journey that comes recall our primordial origins .

As such Marija Gimbutas, in his book ”The Language of the Goddess”, and Monica Sjöö and Barbara Mor in ”The Great Cosmic Mother,” Nathalie Durel Lima back to remind us that ”In the beginning was… Mother. ”Certainly the human origins date back to long ago: our oldest ancestor ”Homo Sapiens” dates back about 200,000 years, but it is estimated that the female role already took place long before. According to Darwin, in his book ”The Descent of Man and Selection in relation to Sex” (1871), from the beginning, the feminine principle was paramount. On our planet Earth, more than two and a half billion years, there was only a vast female ocean where all forms of organic life reproduced ”parthenogenetically” (asexual form of reproduction found in the female where the growth and evolution of a embryo occur without fertilization of a male.

Citing the literary work “The Great Cosmic Mother” of Sjöö and Mor +, “Biology is not destiny – but, like the sea, it is a start. For at least the first 200,000 years of human life on earth, the mysteries of female biology dominated human religions and their artistic thought, as well as their social organization. The first human images to date are called gures “Venus”, found in the remains of the Paleolithic era Superior (35,000 to 10,000 years BC)… represent magic images of the mysterious power of the female to create life within itself and to sustain.”

Thus, we note the importance of the female from the beginning: not only from human sources, as well as the biological origins, archaeological and ethnographic of our planet. In 1989 Marija Gimbutas firmly defended the hypothesis that there was a society “matrifocal” and, within it, the cult of the Great Goddess, revered by both sexes. Nathalie Durel Lima has, in turn, remind us of our origins, as well as offering us therapeutic tools with which we can rediscover our primordial female power. It shows us how we can awaken the Goddess within that resides within each of us and, in doing so, we seek to definitively heal our wounds, and give rise to a new era in which we find our inner power throughout the her feminine splendor.

Preface by Helena Vasconcelos

It is absolutely imperative that I make a preliminary statement: without Nathalie probably I would not be alive. At least in the sense that my “I” no longer exist without the intelligent, sensitive and competent work he has done with me. If I am here writing, it was possible to read your book and detect every step its luminous teachings that have guided me in my long crossing of the desert, if I am a quiet and happy person, happy and moderately capable of thinking, she I must. (…) Nathalie Durel is a brave woman who embarked on this arduous path of knowledge. The fact that bare his soul before us, speaking from his own experience, is an attitude of unusual generosity and a powerful sign of strength. She tells us: “See, I also made my way, so here I am at your side”, which shows a total lack of arrogance and a true, deep and luminous intention of helping women who seek it. Its methodology is “Jungian”, its extensive research provides all the information for a personal and non-transferable demand and to avoid the tone of banal self-help books, brings us to a magical and simultaneously real universe and that, curiously we know that part of our lives but we have difficulty sometimes in unveiling. In this book, we women have learned to (re) know our mothers, our roots, the cosmic and ancestral space, from which we are created. Nathalie studied currents of Eastern and Western thought, astrology, history, mythology and sociology and brings us to the archetypal concepts and collective unconscious as well as the theory of synchronization, as is known, were formulated and developed by Carl Jung. For all these reasons, those who have this book in your hands and read it with passion and interest, you can be sure it has a support, a company and a place of inspiration for life.


Quinta do Cavalo Kiron - O Feminino Reencontrado

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